Intellectual Output 6

In IO6, the coordinator CIA delivered the methodology and collect the input from the partners to deliver the final document on “GUIDELINE TO CONNECT TRANSNATIONAL DIGITAL INNOVATION in the farming SECTOR and to SUPPORT THE SFIB PROJECT FOLLOW UP”. The IO6 responded to the need for AVAILABILITY OF TRANSNATIONAL DIGITAL INNOVATION COOPERATION. Partners have done …

Smart Farming Project Prezi Visual Tool

A visual tool, a “living picture”, about our project implementation

Agrifood Cooperation Platform

The Output provides a map of the competences of the TTTE Agent with a view to integrate the traditional competences of a technology manager with those which haveĀ  been identified and classified with I.O.1

Intellectual output 1

This Intellectual Output 1 report provides a structured overview of successful technology transfer practices and the related training approaches

Intellectual output 2

This Intellectual Output responds to Specific Objective 3

Intellectual Output 3

The farming sector and rural areas are capable of delivering sustainable solutions to current and future challenges such as assuring a safe and sustainable provision of quality food, fostering resource efficiency, developing the circular economy and combating climate change. In this context, ‘digital transformation’ will play a crucial role for rural business and the farming …

Intellectual Output 4

This Intellectual Output (IO) responds to the needs IMPROVE QUALITY OF DIGITAL INNOVATION LEARNING APPROACHES and AVAILABILITY OF CONNECTED TRANSNATIONAL DIGITAL INNOVATION LEARNING STRUCTURES. The entire IO is based on an innovative profile of the “DIH Agrifood Facilitator” which originates from different existing professional figures as current staff members of the Chambers of Agriculture or …