CIA – Agricoltori Italiani di Padova

CIA – Agricoltori Italiani di Padova

CIA – Italian Farmers syndicate of Padova (ITALY)

Organisation type: Social partner or other representative of working life (chambers of commerce, trade union, trade association)

CIA – Agricoltori Italiani is one of the largest trade organizations in Europe working for the improvement and enhancement of the primary sector and for the protection of the conditions of its employees, counting on about 900 thousand members in Italy.

It has its national headquarters in Rome and is present in about five thousand Italian municipalities, with regional, provincial and zonal offices, as well as having a representation in Brussels.

It is among the members of COPA (Committee of Professional Agricultural Organizations of the European Union) and WFO (World Farmers Organization).

CIA member companies are active in all sectors of food and non-food production.

CIA – Agricoltori Italiani of Padova is the provincial representative of the Italian Farmers syndicate in the district of Padova.